Our solutions to the power industry and Beyond

We offer a wide range of products and service to meet our customer's need.  Our product line includes:
  • Power generator monitoring solutions.
  • Generator supporting and sub systems.
  • Material and Consumables for the power industrial.
  • Manufacturing production lines.
  • Others.

Featured Products

These are a few samples of the products we offer.  For more information and our full product line, please contact us.
Generator Condition Monitor
Corrective action prompted by early warning of generator overheating can mean the difference between a brief shutdown for minor repairs and a major overhaul involving weeks or even months of costly downtime. E/One pioneered the development of the Generator Condition Monitor (GCM) and in more than 1,500 applications worldwide, operators have the opportunity of taking corrective action if and when a critical situation occurs.
Generator Condition Monitor - Air-Cooled Apparatus  GCM-A
Advancements in air-cooled generator designs have resulted in increasingly higher power ratings. The higher power densities place significantly greater stresses on materials and structures, making slight decreases in cooling efficiencies much more critical. Probability of overheating in these air-cooled machines becomes greater as designs are pushed closer to their critical limits.The GCM-A2 warns of an impending failure much faster than RTD’s or thermocouples.
Portable Gas Analyzer
Environment One's standard Generator Gas Analyzer (GGA) can also be supplied in a portable configuration. The PGA incorporates the same hydrogen gas sensor/analyzer and system electronics found in our other hydrogen gas purity systems. The PGA is specifically intended for use in non-hazardous environments and/or as an emergency back-up in the event a power plant's primary purity monitoring system is compromised.
Generator Gas Dryer
Water, oil, and other contaminants cause corrosion in critical areas of electric power generators, resulting in diminished efficiency and increasing the likelihood of forced outages. Increased dew point levels also detract from generator efficiency by increasing windage losses. E/One's Generator Gas Dryer (GGD III) is a dual-chamber system that continuously dries and recirculates generator cooling gas — even when the generator is on turning gear, which is a critical time to maintain low dew point.
Gas Station
Gas Station is the ultimate integrated platform for gas monitoring and control for hydrogen-cooled turbo generators, both in new power plants and retrofit projects. Recognized as the most flexible, cost-efficient system in the industry, GAS STATION ensures the highest measures of security and safety for your people, equipment and production.
Portable Analysis System 
The Generatortech Model 9610 Portable Analysis System has been the data collection and analysis “workhorse” for the rotor shorted turn detection field since the late 1980’s. Available with or without a portable laptop computer, the system comes packaged in a rugged, wheeled carry case for maximum protection and portability.